Project Description

Doing what we do best!

A two full days were booked in so we could work our magic on this lovely motor. Poor wash techniques and a few £5 washes were to blame for the poor paint clarity. Heavy paint swirls and several buffer trails were robbing this car of looking its best.

We won’t bore you all with how we washed this Range Rover correctly, but lets just say it took around 5 hours before we could even touch it with a polishing pad. After several test spots we decided that the best combination for this paint would be a Yellow Rupes pad, working alongside Sonax Perfect Finish. This removed 80% of the paint defects and left a very high gloss finish.

12 hours of machine polishing was needed in total to bring the paintwork back to looking its best.

The paintwork was coated in a Nano Spray Sealant that we are currently testing and improving. This was topped up in our Quick Detailer to give more gloss to the paintwork.

The owner was very happy with the end result and was very pleased with the levels of detail that was carried out.