Project Description

A Range Rover SVR was left in our specialist hands. A stunning colour that would look even better after our Winter Protection Detail

A Winter Protection Details provides great surface protection for all surfaces of your vehicle through the winter months. The Range Rover SVR was in certain need of this as it covers lots of miles on a weekly basis.

Every detail always starts with the wheels, this is because they tend to be the dirtiest part of any vehicle. A thorough deep clean was needed on all 4 wheels as they were heavily contaminated with brake dust and road grime. Our wheel cleaner and fallout remover worked a treat on the wheels and left them in great shape for adding some protection for easy cleaning in the future.

Eclipse Car Care Snow Foam was left to dwell on the vehicle for around 8-10 minutes, this softened any dirt and road grime that was on the SVR. A Two Bucket wash was then implemented to reduce the impact of marring and swirl marks especially as the Range Rover paint tends to be super soft.

The Range Rover was fully decontaminated and then clay barred, this left the paint very smooth leaving a great base for the protection to be added, this came in the form of our Nano Spray Sealant that is still under final testing. This will be hopefully hitting our online shop in the first few weeks of February.

After all applications of protection was added to all parts of the vehicle, the Range Rover SVR was looking super glossy and will be protected for around 6 months if the correct wash methods are used.