Project Description

A full two days had been booked for this lovely car. Only a short journey was needed for this one.

Firstly the vehicle was given a thorough check over to make sure the vehicle had no damage prior to us commencing any work.

The first decontamination stage was cleaning the wheels. All four wheels were not overly dirty with the car being cleaned by the owner weekly. The wheels were treated to a thorough deep clean, this included removing all iron and tar deposits.

Next the Range Rover was covered in snow foam and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes. This helped soften any dirt that was on the vehicle prior to it being rinsed off.  A two bucket method safe wash was implemented to reduce wash marring and swirling. After washing a full paintwork decontamination was needed, included in this process was; Tar removal, Iron Removal and the car was fully clay barred to leave nice smooth finish for polishing.

A two stage paint correction was required due to some deep scratches and marks that needed to be removed. The first stage in a two stage paint correction is a cutting stage. This stage removes the majority of scratches and swirling on the vehicle. A microfibre cutting pad was used alongside Rupes Coarse polish. Now the paintwork needed to be refined to remove any haziness and to restore full clarity back to the paint. A white Rupes finishing pad was used alongside a finishing polish which is also manufactured by Rupes.

The Range Rover was sealed in two layers of Swissvax Wax, this gives around 6 months protection to the vehicle. To enhance gloss further a layer of quick detailing spray was applied.