Project Description

A relatively early morning was needed with a 25 mile journey to the dealership in Witchurch. A shocked start when pulling on the forecourt to discover a yard brush and one bucket was being used to clean brand new cars which had just been delivered off the transporter. This is why we were asked by the customer to give his brand new car a detail as he did not want the dealership touching it.

All protective wrapping was removed from the vehicle before any wet work could commence. Firstly the car was sprayed with a citrus wash to remove any traffic film which had collected on the paintwork while it was being delivered to the dealership. Eclipse Car Care Snow foam was then applied and was left to dwell for 5-10 minutes, a detailing brush was then used to remove dirt and road grime from the intricate areas. The snow foam was then rinsed off and the two bucket method was implemented. The car was then fully decontaminated using an Iron remover, this removed all embedded contaminants such as industrial fallout, whilst tar and glue remover was used to remove any tar spots. The paintwork was then fully clay barred including the windscreen to leave a smooth finish for polishing.

The paintwork was then given a light machine polish to enhance gloss and remove any small defects on the paint surface.  This gave the paintwork outstanding gloss levels, even the lads in the workshop commented about how shiny the paint was.

The paint was sealed with Fusso Sealant and a layer of Swissvax Wax was also applied. All glasswork was coated in a glass sealant which enhances visibility especially in wet weather. The wheels were coated in a designated wheel wax to help reduce the build up of grime and brake dust.

The interior was given a light hoover to remove any dust and was then wiped down with Eclipse Car Care Interior Cleaner & Dressing. Lines were brushed into the carpet to give that final touch and that extra touch of detail.

A final wipe down was given to the paintwork and a layer of Eclipse Car Care Quick Detailer was applied to give more protection and even more gloss.

When the car was collected by the customer we were soon messaged, and this was the response “Picked the car up and it looked brilliant, a lot of comments were made by the showroom staff about how good it looked”

All in all another great day at the office.