Project Description

A wet and windy start to the morning, the weather didn’t help one bit when it came to washing and decontaminating the vehicle. A full safe wash was undertaken before any polishing commenced on the Range Rover. All of our products were used on the wash process.

The first process was a full safe wash of the vehicle’s arches and wheels. These tend to be the dirtiest part of any vehicle, covered in thick mud, road grime and leaves. After this the car was pre rinsed using Eclipse Car Care Citrus Wash, this was diluted 1-part product to 5-parts water. This gives great value for money when using this product. A thick layer of Eclipse Car Care Snow Foam was then applied over the vehicle, this was left to dwell for 10 minutes allowing any surface dirt on the paint to be softened prior to rinsing. All intricate areas were cleaned using a super soft detailing brush.

A two-bucket method was then implemented to reduce any more swirl marks being added to the paintwork. After this the paintwork was fully decontaminated using designated products such as our Tar & Glue Remover and Fallout Remover. The paintwork was then clay barred to remove any surface contaminants’, leaving a smooth finish prior to polishing.

Gyeon Primer was the chosen polish and a yellow Rues machine polishing pad was used to tackle the swirling and light scratches. This was a great combination and produced great results as you can see from the photos. Some areas needed more attention due to heavier swirling. This was on the passenger door and also around the fuel filler cap. Small details cost nothing but just a few more extra minutes.  Range Rover paint is soft and very prone to marring, extra care was taken when removing the polish residue.  Before any waxes or sealants were applied to the paintwork the paint was wiped down with Gyeon Prep. This product is designed to remove any excess oils or polish residue.

Swissvax Wax was applied to all painted surfaces of the Range Rover, this will give great protection to the paint over the summer months.

Thank you for reading and keep your eyes open for the next write up.