Project Description

With winter fast approaching it was a cold start to the morning. A winter protection detail was carried out, this will protect the paintwork through the harsh winter months.

Firstly the car was sprayed with Eclipse Car Care Citrus Wash, this broke down any heavy dirt particles on the paintwork. This was left to dwell for several minutes to maximise the break down of the dirt.  A light layer of snow foam was then applied all over the car and this was left to dwell for approximately 10 minutes. Any intricate areas were cleaned with a small detailing brush. This was then rinsed off and the 2 bucket method was implemented to clean the car.

A full decontamination was then undertaken on the Range Rover. All tar and iron deposits were removed and then the car fully clay barred to leave a slick finish.

The car was then coated in two layers of Swissvax wax and also a layer of Eclipse Car Care Quick Detailer was applied.