Project Description

This stunning Golf R had previously been detailed by another company but the owner wasn’t happy with the end product. This is the reason why it was sent to Eclipse Car Care.

Firstly the wheels on the Golf were treated to a thorough clean. Using an iron remover made light work of the job as the wheels were relatively clean.

Next the Golf was sprayed with a Citrus Degreaser to remove any heavily contaminated dirt areas. This was then jet washed off and a thick layer of snow foam was applied and left to dwell for 10 minutes. This broke down any further dirt particles on the car. This was then rinsed off and then the car was washed using the two bucket method system and a microfibre washmitt. This system is used to help reduce wash marring and putting swirls on the paintwork.  The Golf was then decontaminated, removing any iron and tar on the vehicle. Finally a clay bar was used to remove any embedded contaminates left on the paintwork.

A paint depth gauge was then used to measure the paint thickness.

The car was polished using a variety of polishing machines, pads and a range of polishes. Eclipse Car Care only ever uses the best products on the market.

The Golf R was sealed in Gyeon Cancoat, this will provide great protection on the paintwork for a relatively low cost.

The car was also treated to an engine bay detail and also protection was added to the interior.

The owner was overwhelmed with the end result.