Project Description

Land Rover Discovery receiving a signature custom detail.

With any detail or valet we always start with cleaning the wheels and the arches. This can be a very dirty process especially over the winter months with all the road grime and road salt. It is always important to make sure that all road salt is removed from the vehicle or this can cause problems future years. The wheel arches were firstly flushed clean and then we moved onto the wheels. Eclipse Car Care wheel cleaner was sprayed onto the wheel face and into the wheel barrel. The wheel cleaner was left to dwell for several minutes and then it was agitated and worked in with several detailing brushes and wheel woolies. The wheels were then rinsed off using a pressure washer to leave a great finish.

A full safe wash was then carried out on this relatively new Land Rover Discovery. After this process the car was fully rinsed off and was then coated in our Liquid Wax Repel Coating. The water beaded off the vehicle with ease, drying the car with a plush 1000gsm cloth was super easy. A plush microfibre cloth is used to reduce wash marring and swirling.

The car was then coated in a layer of Eclipse Car Care Quick Detailer to give that added protection and high gloss level.